How to get Free VPN for Life. Everything you need to know

How to get Free VPN for Life. Everything you need to know

December 11, 2021 0

Have you ever wanted a VPN but without having to pay a monthly or yearly subscription? Do you want to avoid the risk of your personal data living on some corporate organizations servers and you have absolutely no idea how they use that data? Before I tell you about this incredible product, allow me to explain what a VPN is.

A VPN is a virtual private network and essentially what this service does is it lets you stay anonymous on the internet. It allows you browse the internet by creating an encrypted tunnel for your data. It protects your online identity by hiding your IP address, and allows you to use public Wi-Fi hotspots safely.

So you may have noticed that sites like Netflix serve different shows and movies to different regions of the world, well with a VPN you can access shows that are reserved for a region. For instance in Netflix Nigeria where I live, we are not allowed to see shows like Legally Blonde or Stargate SG-1. But with A VPN, you can totally access these shows all the while remaining anonymous and private on the internet.

Deeper Connect Pico Ports
Pico Ports Placement

So, this is the deeper connect Pico and it’s something I think everyone should own.

What is a Deeper Connect Pico

What is a deeper connect pico you ask? Well it’s a device that gives you a DPN. Yes DPN not VPN. A DPN is a Decentralized Virtual Private Network and basically what this means is no organization owns the servers or network on which this device runs on. With traditional VPNs, the service provider which is usually a corporate organization, owns the servers that its customers connect to in order to have a VPN connection but in the case of the Deeper Connect Pico, everyone who owns a deeper connect pico acts as node point. This is what makes it decentralized.

For instance let’s imagine we had 7 people spread across the globe in 7 different continents who owns a deeper connect device, and they all have their devices connected, then you essentially have 7 access tunnel to connect to. If one of those persons have their device disconnected then that node point becomes unavailable. Scale this up to millions of people owning this device and then you can see how truly decentralized and awesome this technology can be.

In the box

So the guys at Deeper connect sent me the Deeper Connect Pico which is as they claim the wolrd’s thinnest, lightest, smallest, and yet the most unique and powerful cybersecurity hardware device, which integrates a 7-layer enterprise-grade firewall and the world’s one and only Decentralized VPN (DPN).

Deeper Connect Pico
Pico and Wi-Fi Antenna

In the box you get the Deeper connect Pico and my goodness this thing is tiny. You also get a charging brick, a USB A to USB C charging cable and two USB C to Ethernet cables.

In the second box you get the wireless antenna and in the third box a US to Europe charging plug adapter.

You have four USB C ports on the Pico, one on every side of the device. The two on the longer sides are used interchangeably for power and the wireless antenna, while the two on the shorter sides are used to connect to your router

And just to let you know, the Pico only consumes 1 watt of power. That’s an incredibly low power consumption..

How to setup the Deeper Connect Pico.

There are three modes of setting this device up, but I’ll only talk about the mode I use which is the easiest and probably what most of you will use if you choose to get this device. I use the Wireless relay mode. There is also the AP Router Mode and the virtual wire mode. You can read up on these other modes on their website link in the video description.

So with the wireless relay mode, you connect the Pico to your modem/wireless router device and then connect the wireless antenna and plug it into power, give it a few seconds to boot up and that’s all, you’re ready to go.

So we head into our PC or mobile device, look for the DeeperWifi Wi-Fi signal and connect to it using the default password provided in the Instructions manual. Once connected, you can head into your browser and navigate to the Deeper Connect AtomOS Admin page. To do this simply type the address, hit enter, provide the default username and password which Admin Admin and voila you’re in.

So one of the first things you’d want to do is change the default login password and also the Wifi settings. To do this, click on Wi-Fi and update the Wi-Fi SSID and Password to whatever you want.

Setup Tunnels and Routing

Next up is to setup your tunnels and how you want your VPN/DPN traffic routed. There are tunnels already enabled when you first log in but you can also easily add new tunnels of your own. These tunnels are managed by the deeper network and more tunnels get created as new users join the network. You wouldn’t touch this most of the time but it’s there if you need it.

There are two main modes in which DPN traffic is routed.

Smart Route

The Smart Route option basically removes all geographic restrictions! And you can access any website at any time. It truly is genius.

Full Route

The DPN Full Route allows you pick a specific country or region you’d like to surf from. And this is where usage on platforms like Netflix become truly interesting as it allows you switch to any country of your choice.

The DPN is the main feature of the Pico but there are other features that the Pico come with that are truly impressive. There is Ad blocking and filtering, tracker blocking, one click parental control and domain whitelisting or blacklisting to help keep the young ones safe online. It’s plug and play with zero configuration for the noobs, but if you’re into security systems like me, then you’d know this isn’t some joke, it’s actually very robust.

Price and Concluding Thoughts

By now I think you already know that I am quite impressed with the Deeper Connect Pico but like everything in life there are cons. It’s not much here but the one I’m most concerned with is:

Deeper Connect Pico – Cons

Bandwidth sharing

Although there is an option to disable traffic and bandwidth sharing, with this being a decentralized network, you definitely are still contributing a part of your internet bandwidth and traffic to enable this device run. If you have really good internet connection then this might not pose any problems, but if you live in a place where the internet isn’t very good, you may want to use this device on a needs basis only. For me, I have it plugged in permanently and I do not have any issues with it.

Slightly reduced internet speeds

This is common with VPN connections. In my case a site that would normally open in 3 secs takes about two seconds more to load. Which isn’t too bad in my opinion for a lifetime of free DPN.

In Nigeria, twitter access is blocked, but with the Pico, I have no problem accessing twitter.

The Deeper Connect Pico is currently on Kickstarter and has garnered about $1.3million in pledges. I mean their target was $100,000, but they currently have about $1.3m which speaks volumes of how good this service is and how much people want to stay protected on the internet.

Would I recommend the Deeper connect Pico, well if you need real protection on the internet and really don’t want to pay monthly fees, the Pico is the best solution I can think of in the market right now and it would make a great addition to your home internet security.

You can pick just the Pico here for $109, if you’re getting the Pico with a Wi-Fi antenna, it’ll cost you $136. I’ll leave links to their kickstarter page and their website where you can read more and also place your order.

If you have any questions on the Deeper Connect Pico please leave them in the comment section and I’ll get back to as much of them as I can.

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