The Lumia I never spoke about

The Lumia I never spoke about

February 17, 2015 0

Dear Readers,

There are things we ought to be proud about in this life, some of them include your wife (if you’re married), your God, your faith, taking a shyt…. Ok just kidding.

But! There’s something i’m totally not proud of or cannot say i have an iota of pride for.

My Lumia 730 

Yeah I know people, I actually bought a Lumia device in November of 2014 and man was I pumped in the expectation of wanting to use a device with a beautiful interface and well crafted chasis. SO like two weeks after buying this device, i discovered to my horror that the well crafted windows phone i used to love (I was an early Windows Phone user) was now Crap to say the least.

People Hub
The people Hub now had no Facebook integration, we now have an utterly, completely, infuriating, totally clueless Facebook app to replace the once beautiful Facebook, twitter integration in the people hub. I mean why do i need have an app to do something that the phone already had built into it’s core. Well done Microsoft you guys are so smart and thanks Fartbook for twisting the big Blue’s arms.

Music Hub
The music hub almost drove me mad, where was all the artist backdrop we used to have, the beautiful interface is gone, all in the name of simplicity. We used to have the best looking and sounding music player now it’s all gone. Microsoft Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????

You know how when you’re new to Lagos and find yourself in an Oshodi or an Obalende with a swarm of people all around and you not knowing where to turn to or how to get to your desired destination. That’s the feeling i got from looking at the settings menu on the current windows phone 8.1.

Utter confusion.

I wouldn’t say anything again about this because if i do, I’d just keep getting angry over it.

Completely Ugly looking bunch of apps… i can mention a few – BBM, Vine, FARTBOOK, Twitter, all ugly (ok skype and whatsapp try small). Guys what happened to the WP design guidelines. Apps on Windows Phone 7 were much more better looking and worked much more seamlessly. Are you guys making it more difficult for developers or what?

I have a lot to say, but i wouldn’t want to sound like a broken record… MS Fix your OS. What i have listed is just a few of the issues with the windows phone. The windows phone was very different and that’s what made me run to the platform initially. Please MS do something about the platform. From the days of Zune i loved the interface now it’s all gone.

I’m almost at that point where I would put the phone where it’s name says it should be. On my window.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen i just had to vent.

Have a lovely day.

Henry O

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