My Stupendous Galaxy Note 4

My Stupendous Galaxy Note 4

December 19, 2014 0

Ok. So i got meself a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and now i live in a different Galaxy. I need to express how i feel about this device and i’m gonna have to do it in three versions: 

Igbo – Nna men ife’a bu okoro… Whatever that means.
Yoruba – Kini yi oti ya were
Hausa – something something something… 🙂

This phone is absolutely Incredible and it’s all I ever wanted in a phone. So i’m gonna put it in these few words. THIS IS THE BEST PHONE IN THE WORLD.

It’s screen is amazing and it is a power horse of a device. Every task i throw at this big boy gets handled with inexplicable ease. Watching Youtube/Pre loaded videos is amazingly enjoyable. Multitasking using the split window is something i find myself using everyday cos really i can do almost three stuff at once. I’ve been able to play a video, have a floating Facebook window and also have my email client open at the same time and this dude handled it with ease.

I got the white version of this phone and I’m telling you it’s something i always want to look at, the design is sleek and It’s metal frame and chamfered silver edge is so pleasing to hold. The phone is sturdy and feels very premium in the hand. For a phone with a 5.7 Inch screen the Note 4 is surprisingly handy and easy to manipulate with one hand (that’s to an extent though).

The one side i do have to make sure you know about is the fact that you have to pay a pretty steep price for this device. Secret: I traded in my iPhone to get this so it wasn’t so bad for me.

For the Nigerian market you’d be getting this device between N120k and N130K.

If you’d like to do a trade in program you could visit or walk into any Revive phone shop.

I’ll leave you with screenshots of my Note 4 and some of the Apps i have installed. I’ll also leave a link to an in-depth review on this superfluous device.

iDigitalTimes Galaxy Note 4 Full Review

My Note 4 Screenshots



Leave your comments and let me know if you’d be getting this.

Henry O

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