LinkedIn adds Smart Replies to its app for easier messaging

LinkedIn has been constantly upgrading its browsing experience on both desktop and mobile versions. The Microsoft-owned professional connecting platform has now updated its messaging service for desktop and mobile users with the rolling out of a new feature called ‘Smart Replies’.

Smart Replies are just like the automated replies which is currently available on Google’s Gmail service. LinkedIn uses AI to learn what replies to suggest if someone asks questions on when to meet or if they are free at a particular time of the week.

“To help you shave a little time and more easily respond to your messages, we’ve made our reply suggestions smarter. Using machine learning, we’ll show you suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation you’re having. We’ll suggest at most three responses based on the message you’ve received,” says Arpit Dhariwal, senior product manager at LinkedIn.

LinkedIn says that in the coming days it will be making Smart Replies more personal and relevant based on what users talk about.

Smart Replies have started rolling out in English first on the LinkedIn’s mobile app and desktop. Other languages support will arrive later. The feature comes as an option, so users can switch it off from the settings page if they don’t want to use it.

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