LG announces it’s first 4K projector

LG just revealed a high-end living room gadget for 2018: it’s a 4K HDR projector. LG says the new UHD projector is roughly half the size of competing 4K options on the market, many of which are “heavy, expensive, and difficult to install” according to the company.

The HU80KA is an “affordable yet premium device” that can output a 150-inch picture in any room in your house. The picture gets incredibly bright too; LG says it tops out at 2,500 lumens, which makes it the company’s brightest projector yet and puts it on par with what’s on the market today.

In addition with the 4K resolution, you also get support for HDR video with HDR10.  The projector can be positioned on the floor, mounted to the wall, or hung from the ceiling, and LG says it’ll work great in any of those setups.

There are two 7-watt speakers built in and audio output options include optical, HDMI, and Bluetooth. The projector will play media off a USB drive, and also lets you hook up an external keyboard and mouse. The projector also runs webOS just like LG’s TV lineup so it’s got most of the big streaming apps integrated out of the box.

There’s currently no word on pricing and i believe we’d have to wait a while to have this in our homes. If you’re desperate for the price, just know that 4k projectors today come at a price range around $2k. Thats definitely not cheap but if you’ve got the cash then why not.

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