Let’s ditch our shady mechanics (OBD II and Torque Pro App Review)

Let’s ditch our shady mechanics (OBD II and Torque Pro App Review)

June 16, 2017 0

The beautiful thing about technology is that it helps you achieve stuff on your own you never imagined possible. If you’ve got a smartphone and a car and you’re tired of mechanics telling you super-inflated bogus stories of what you need to fix in your cars engine, then this video is for you.

Diagnosing faults with your car engine no longer has to be an expensive venture. With your mobile phone and an OBD II device you can take control and know exactly whats wrong with your cars engine.

Normally it’ll cost you about N25k to perform a diagnosis on your cars engine, but with this device you can do it anytime you want for less than N5k.

I’m reviewing the OBD II Bluetooth device alongside the Torque Pro Android App.

You can find these items at the links below:

OBD II Device: https://goo.gl/G5boL6 (N4,750 or $12)
Torque Pro App: https://goo.gl/6rQSb

Some other Apps that perform the same functions as Toque Pro:
1. Dash Commander – https://goo.gl/I5d5Uo
2. OBD II Mini – https://goo.gl/45pFXl
3. eCar Pro – https://goo.gl/y7ezA1

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