iPhone 5c – Unapologetically Beautiful…. and Plastic

June 23, 2014 0

I recently purchased the iPhone 5c and my-oh-my it’s a gorgeous device and runs absolutely smoothly. Many would say it’s cheap but it’s not considering what you have to pay to get the device.

I’ve put up a short review of the iPhone 5c below for those you who have been considering getting one. The choice is yours after reading the review but i haven’t been dissapointed using the device.


Apple’s colorful new lower-cost handset slots below the iPhone 5s flagship and ships with iOS 7. This is the first time the company’s launched two new iPhones simultaneously. The 5c replaces the iPhone 5 in the middle of the lineup. 
The 5c is built from steel-reinforced, colored-through, machined polycarbonate that’s coated in a glossy finish. Apple’s last plastic handset was the iPhone 3GS in 2009, but it only came in black and white. In contrast, the 5c arrives in a rainbow of pastel hues: white, pink, yellow, blue and green, along with a matching set of cases.
Spec-wise, the 5c is basically an iPhone 5 with an improved front-facing camera and global LTE support. The 16GB model costs about N70,000 unlocked and the 32GB version ranges between N75k and N85k on some of our popular shopping sites (Konga/Jumia) and as such it’s more affordable than the departed iPhone 5. It’s obviously not the cheap iPhone some folks were expecting, and frankly, i’m not surprised — it’s an Apple device, after all. So does the 5c live up to the hype? Is it an improvement over the iPhone 5? Should you pony up for the iPhone 5s instead? Let’s find out.


I swear I no go lie. The iPhone 5c is gorgeous — i’d even argue that it’s the most beautiful iPhone since the 4 and 4s. It instantly makes the iPhone 5 and 5s look old fashioned in comparison. Sure, a lot of people prefer materials like aluminum and glass over plastic, but still the 5c just triggers some reptilian part of our brains that screams, “OMG,color!” It brings a breath of fresh air to the iPhone lineup and will appeal to consumers at an emotional level. It reminds me of the WindowsPhone Lumia range and oh…. I’m a huge fan of the Lumia series. Had a Lumia 720 and boy was it gorgeous…

The iPhone 5c is slightly thicker, taller and wider than the iPhone 5 and 5s, measuring in at 124.4 x 59.2 x 8.97mm (4.9 x 2.33 x 0.35 inches). And at 132g (4.65 ounces), it weighs a little more as well (the 5 weighed 112g, or 3.95 ounces). As you’ll see, the general shape and layout of the ports, controls and sensors are all identical too, but the chamfered edges have been rounded off, making the 5c especially comfortable to hold. While it’s heavier, it also feels more substantial. 

In front, the iPhone 5c is all glass with an improved 1.2MP front-facing camera, earpiece and sensors above the screen and the home button below. The Retina display is the same excellent 4-inch, 1,136 x 640-pixel (326-ppi) IPS panel that’s used on the iPhone 5 and 5s. As ever, it’s bright with accurate colors and wide viewing angles. Flip the handset over and you’ll see the familiar iPhone layout, with the rear shooter, secondary mic and single LED flash clustered in the top-left corner. It’s the same 8-megapixel camera (BSI sensor, f/2.4 AF lens) under sapphire glass that debuted with the iPhone 5 last year. Apple’s logo adorns the top tier of the back and the word “iPhone” and regulatory info occupy the bottom tier.

Apples iOS 7 is simply put amazing and fast. It’s beauty and brains put together in a technological matrimony whose union is nothing short of ‘They lived happily ever after’. 

With bright and ‘easy on the eyes’ colors, iOS 7 also brings functionality to a whole new level. The OS is easy to navigate and takes away all the clutter normally found in some phones. It sort of reminds me of the clean feel of the Windows Phone platform.

A little something to make you understand how beautiful the OS is…. i have and still use a HTC one running sense 6 UI. I LOVE MY HTC One and it’s UI is freaking amazing, but here’s the catch, out of 20 times, i probably pick my HTC One 4 time and pick my iPhone 5c 16 time that’s how immersing, beautiful and sweet iOS 7 is. Makes me feel like i can eat it.


The iPhone 5c inherits the rear camera from the iPhone 5. It’s the same 8-megapixel BSI sensor, five-element f/2.4 AF lens (with hybrid IR filter), sapphire glass cover and single LED flash as last year. While that’s a solid foundation, iOS 7 brings a bunch of new functionality to the table, including real-time filters, a square format and 3x video zoom — along with a much welcome UI refresh. The 5c also gains the improved 1.2MP front-facing shooter (BSI sensor with 1.9µm pixels) found on the iPhone 5s. Compared to Apple’s flagship, the 5c lacks 120 fps, 720p slow-motion video capture, 10 fps burst mode with real-time analysis, auto-exposure during panoramas, auto image stabilization and the True Tone flash.

The new iOS 7 camera app features a much cleaner and simpler layout. First, the viewfinder finally shows a preview of the entire area (not just a crop with the wrong aspect ratio), so composing shots is a lot easier. Second, there are no more overlays cluttering the viewfinder. When looking at the screen in landscape, the app groups the controls on either side of the viewfinder, with the front / rear camera switch, HDR toggle and flash menu to the left, and the mode selector (pano, square, photo and video), filter button, shutter key and gallery shortcut to the right. The touch-to-focus, pinch-to-zoom and the AE / AF lock functionality remain unchanged, but holding down the shutter key now shoots multiple photos in a row. It’s like a basic version of the burst mode on the iPhone 5s.


The iPhone 5c shares its internal configurations with the iPhone 5, so they run at par with each other. In short, everything’s smooth and responsive. 

As you can see in the table below, the results for the 5c and iPhone 5 are nearly identical. There’s a slight bump in speed from iOS 7 in some cases and, of course, the iPhone 5s is in a different league, often showing twice the performance of the 5c. Other than playing resource-intensive games like the upcoming Infinity Blade III, we think most people will be completely satisfied with the 5c. Results are courtesy of Engadget.
SunSpider 1.0.1 (ms) 418 754 797
GLBench 2.7 T-Rex HD Offscreen (fps) 23 6.5 6.5
Basemark X (onscreen / offscreen) 27.7 / 16.7 18 / 7.5 17.7 / 7.1
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited 13,729 N/A 5,442
Geekbench 3.0 (multi-thread) 2,562 1,218 1,301
Linpack 795 479 501
SunSpider: lower scores are better. Linpack scores taken on average. iPhones tested on iOS 7.0.
Battery life. The iPhone 5c lasts about as long on a full charge as the iPhone 5. According to Brian Klug at Anandtech, the 5c incorporates a 1,507mAh battery — a modest boost over the 1,440mAh cell in the iPhone 5. Getting a full day of heavy use from the 5c is relatively fair. But turning off items you don’t need could also help boost battery power. So turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, background app refreshes etc could help improve battery life.
With the iPhone 5c, Apple’s crafted something that’s more than just the sum of its parts. It’s easy to be cynical and dismiss this handset as just an iPhone 5 in a colorful plastic shell, but that’s missing the point. There’s no doubt that the 5c looks gorgeous and feels wonderful in hand. It inherits tried-and-true features from the iPhone 5 and also gains a few new ones, like that improved 1.2MP front-facing camera. Still, that’s only half the story. It’s iOS 7 that truly sets the 5c (and the iPhone 5s) apart, thanks to a delightful redesign and a dash of new functionality. With the 5c, Apple achieves an unprecedented level of synergy between hardware and software. Like many of the company’s other products, you have to experience the 5c in person to truly appreciate it.
Leave comments below let me know what you think. Would you be getting an iPhone 5c, if not what would you rather use?

I use the blue variant of the iPhone 5c, there’s a picture below of it beside my 1TB Toshiba Canvio E Store external Hard drive

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