iPhones are great, but the Infinix Zero X Pro is a dream

iPhones are great, but the Infinix Zero X Pro is a dream

September 16, 2021 0
Infinix Zero X – unboxing and First Impressions Video

iPhones are great, but the Zero X Pro, a brilliant smartphone from Infinix has got to take the crown of brilliance and affordability.

Infinix has raised its game with the Zero X and Zero X Pro and I’m loving it. We have a squared off design here that looks like what you have with the iPhone 12. There’s glass on the front and back, and the sides are coated with a very reflective material. Overall feel in hand is great. The flattened sides makes for a better grip but the device feels very glossy and feels slippery. Good thing they included a matte rubber case in the box. This provides excellent grip, adds almost no bulk to the phone and gives the phone an overall better stealthy look. By the way this case was designed by Oraimo. Build and design-wise, for me, the Zero X Pro is an 8.5 out of 10. Good job from Infinix.


The Zero X Pro packs a 4500mah battery, 128GB internal storage, 8Gigs of RAM, an Octa-core Helio G95 CPU, a Mali-G76 MC4 GPU, a 6.67inch 1080×2400 AMOLED screen that refreshes up to 120Hz. You have the option to set the refresh rate to 90Hz or the standard 60Hz. It’s a 21:9 aspect ratio display and has a PPI of 480, which gives this screen a really sharp and crisp output. Camera wise we have a triple camera setup at the rear of this phone that comprises a 108MP main camera, an 8MP Periscope telephoto lens that has 5x optical zoom and 60x digital zoom and a third 8MP 120 degree ultra-wide setup.

Zero X Pro Specification

For the selfie camera, we have a 48MP wide angle camera. Both rear and front cameras record video up to 4k @30FPS.Going round the phone we’ve got volume rockers and power button on the left, a dual Nano sim bay and micro SD card reader slot to the left. You can use up to a 256GB external SD card in the SD card slot. At the bottom there’s a single external speaker, a USB C charging port, a microphone and a 3.5mm headphone port. The top is completely clear while the rear features the Infinix branding and the camera bump.

Infinix Zero X Pro – Price

Infinix Zero X Pro Price

The Infinix Zero X will retail at N144,600, while the Zero X Pro will retail at N179,600. This is $289 for the Zero X and $359 dollars for the Zero X Pro. This is crazy pricing from Infinix and I think they might just sell a whole lot of these phones for the price they’re coming at. But let’s dive In an see what the Zero X Pro has to offer.

Usage and FeeI

Zero X Pro Rear View
Rear View

The build, finish and feel-in-hand of this phone, impresses on all levels. It’s well-crafted and doesn’t feel like an Infinix device at all. It’s a far cry from what we’ve know from the Infinix brand. The flat sides gives the Zero X Pro a premium feel in hand and being a 6.67inch phone, it doesn’t at all feel big. It fits right.

The 120Hz AMOLED screen also brings smoothness to a whole new level, everything here is smooth. From opening apps to navigating the OS, it’s a joy to use this device. It all just feels clean and well done. The Zero X runs on Android 11 and has Infinix’s XOS 7.6 over android.

While the OS runs smoothly, I’m not much of a fan of XOS design language. Especially with the Icons in the settings page and the notification panel. It would do this phone a lot of good to have some UI refresh to something more modern. That being said, there’s a lot to like here and a lot of options to play with to setup this phone just as you’d like it.

From dark mode, to an option called ultra-touch which speeds up the already fast animations in the UI. You also have kids’ mode, a voice assistant to help with reading SMS messages and call logs and plenty more options to play with.



Back to that screen, being an AMOLED screen blacks are deep and colors are quite vivid, there’s not much to say here than you’d enjoy watching videos on this screen. Video resolution options on this phone at least in YouTube, goes up to 2160p. But you should know that this is a 1080p panel. About watching videos, the external speakers have almost no bass in them, they sound quite light, which is kind of one of the downsides to a phone like this, it’s a flagship and the speakers should at least be great.

Infinix Zero X Pro – Performance

Infinix Zero X Pro - Screen

The Zero X Pros performance is golden. Everything flies. I will give a proper update after two months on how it’s held up in terms of its performance. But for now, apps open on time and switching app is a breeze no stutters, crashes or even memory app drops. Playing games on the Zero X Pro is great, the Helio G95 is well optimized for gaming and pretty much anything you throw at this phone will be handled with ease.

Battery performance is also good, the 4500mah battery spans about 5hours of screen on time and this is with heavy use. But good news, recharging the battery takes just a few minutes. I was able to go from 0 to 100% in placeholder minutes

Zero X Pro Cameras

Infinix Zero X Pro

I absolutely love the cameras on this phone. In a few days of using the Infinix Zero X Pro, I have been impressed with the results from its cameras. Especially the 108MP main lens at the back. It produces super sharp and crisp images and the color reproductions are also beautiful. Dynamic range in the images I took was well balanced and I overall loved the images produced. 

The dark scene images were quite good, I couldn’t help but smile at what was reproduced. Infinix may have just got a winner in terms of the cameras In this phone. It’s been on beautiful picture after another. The selfie camera also took decent phots/pictures and mostly impressed.


For first impressions, I’m more than impressed. At $359 this phone is a steal. If Infinix continues with this trend of making good looking, and decently specced devices like this one, they’d stay at the top of the smartphone market in Africa for years to come.

Would I recommend you buying this phone, well its hard to say at this time. I would like to use the device for some more weeks to have a solid opinion. But based off the specs and what I’ve experienced in the last few days, I’d say give it a shot. It’s compelling. 

If you have questions concerning the Infinix Zero X Pro and the Zero X please leave them in the comment section.

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