Infinix S4: The Full Report

Infinix S4: The Full Report

June 3, 2019 0
Infinix S4 Video Review

Okay guys, There are three Infinix devices I’ve love using over the years and this one is the best yet. I’m not just saying this out of excitement for the Infinix S4 but everything’s been refined on the S4. It just shouts refinement and if I must be completely honest, this is the only Infinix device after the Zero 5 and Note 5 stylus that I’ve come to love.

I’ve always had complaints about other Infinix devices released in the past from things like the bloatware apps to the laggy launcher and just overall jumbled up designs.

I’ve constantly talked about using a lot of white space and clean lines to have a visually appealing OS and it seems Infinix has finally listened. They’ve cleaned up XOS and it looks like what I’d like to use on a daily basis. Except the icons in the settings, they’re a bit gimmicky.

Infinix S4

The phone fits perfectly in my hands and is just at the right size I like. Although the chin is still larger than what I’d like, it’s costs quite a lot to achieve what the likes of apple and Samsung has done, so in line with Infinix trying to put out devices that are affordable in this African market just don’t expect those super tiny chins any time soon.

You can be assured that if Infinix decides to put in the technology to reduce that chin, it probably gonna cost you more.

This phone rocks and one such place where I’m absolutely blown is in the battery life.

Battery life

Battery life spans about 36 hours on average

Guys, I couldn’t kill this thing even when I tried so hard. This is confirmed a 2 day battery smartphone.

There was a night where I played YouTube videos for over three hours and I lost just about 15% battery life. What?!!! That’s incredible.

The Infinix S4 lost about 43% of battery life on idle mode in 7 days

Screen on time usually hangs between 6 to 7 hours and you’ll still be left with about 20 to 25% of battery life left. If you don’t understand what this means, it means you can rest your mind about battery life on this phone.

App Performance

App performance is average on this device. This is mostly due to the processor. You’d be fine using the device to run apps and casual 2D games but anything more tasking was a pain.

I tried running asphalt 9 and it was a painstaking wait for the game to start and even when it was fully loaded, the game was extremely laggy.

Heavy 3D games like Asphalt 9: Legends performed poorly

There are a lot of little things here and there that Infinix has implemented on the S4 that allows you enjoy the device more and more over time.

The AI feature assists in dealing with annoying notifications I don’t want to see and also assists with managing background apps to keep power up and squeeze out more battery life from the device.


Now there are four cameras on this device, three behind and one in front. These cameras are the most disappointing feature of this phone. In a way, I think the camera software was just packed full of features that work, but are lackluster in picture quality and post processing excellence.

I tried very hard to get really nice looking images, but the cameras never just churned out good photos.

Don’t get me wrong I like this phone… A lot.. but I’m not super pumped on the images it puts out.


720p Video on the Infinix S4

Video looks good on this device. I mean it’s a 720p IPS screen so you get the usual nice 720p pictures from YouTube which is good enough for the human eye. 1080p looks much better, but 720p isn’t a deal breaker here. And let’s be honest Internet in Nigeria isn’t all there yet or so cheap that you’d expect people to consistently watch videos at 1080p.

Nevertheless the colors look good on the Infinix S4 and if you haven’t used one of the higher flagship devices out the you wouldn’t even know what you’re missing.

Connectivity and extra features

You have a 4G device here and it’s got a lot of other features that you may find useful. From it’s face unlock feature and fairly fast fingerprint scanner to overall versatility. I couldn’t try out OTG support but would give that update on my social pages when I’ve tested it.


So in conclusion… Look I’m going to be completely honest with you guys here. As for looks, be rest assured that this the Infinix S4 looks very premium, is well built and would give you the stares that comes with a good looking device.

I’m a UI and UX guys and I can boldy say that Infinix has stepped up their game in this one. It looks absolutely clean and much more useable compared to the previous iterations of XOS. The settings menu has been cleaned up considerably and it just looks very nice.

The Infinix S4 seem to be coming from a place of the Infinix team realising that they have to improve their game or be swallowed up by other brands. And I think they might have just saved themselves with this one.

Im not going to read out the specs for the device in this video, I’ve done that in a previous video here…

But coming in at just N49,900 for the 3GB+32GB variant and N64,500 for the 6GB+64GB variant, you’re getting a whole lot of phone for those price tags and would I recommend you buying this device? Well my answer is, take a trip to a local store, play with the device a little and decide if my view of it being a lot of phone for the price tag is true.

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