HP Neverstop 1200w Printer Review

HP Neverstop 1200w Printer Review

October 14, 2020 1

This is the HP Neverstop1200w Laser Printer. I’ve had it for about two weeks now and this review will tell you how this printer performed, it’s pros and cons and if this is one printer you should be interested in.

I’m particularly interested in affordable printers and this is one such printer from HP. HP claims it will print up to 5000 pages on a single toner cartridge. And that’s in my books is quite impressive.

Well to find out if this claim is true, keep reading.


As individuals, printers are not things we typically think of having at home, but if you own a small business, you know that owning a printer is a necessity, and not just any printer, one that saves you cost over time in Ink and paper usage. So when I received the HP Neverstop Laser printer I thought it was just the right sized printer for a small business. And since it claims up to 5000pages of print with just one cartridge installation, I was more than eager to try this printer out.


Neverstop Design

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the way the Neverstop Laser 1200w looks, and that’s a good thing. It’s meant to blend into any office environment, and there’s only a slight protrusion around the paper trays. Otherwise it’s a fairly compact printer that you can tuck away in a corner of your office or desk like I’ve done at home.

The top part of the printer easily swings open to reveal the flatbed scanner, which is best for quick scans; this may include scanning IDs and single -page documents. At the top left is an LCD control panel, which allows you to perform basic printer operations as well as quickly copy a document. Any other settings you need to tweak will have to be done via the companion smart app.

Toner and Reload Kit

The printer has a handy toner level on the front as well, which is an easy indicator for when you need to pop in some more toner before running out. This indicator has two bars and each full bar means you have up to 2,500 pages of print available. Combined, they total 5000 pages. HP does ship this printer with toner already installed.  

I needed to try out the extra reload kit I had and so I had to literally print out 5000+ pages of random documents.

Now one slightly weird thing about the Neverstop Laser 1200w is its paper input tray. Rather than a normal sliding mechanism as seen in most printers, you have to take off a small cover first, then slide in and align your paper, and then replace the cover. You’d quickly find that placing this cover back can be a bit of a task.


Mobile App Setup

Setting up the HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200w is an incredibly simple process and is probably the easiest in any printer. Thanks to the HP Smart app. You can download this app from the Microsoft Store for PC and the HP Smart app is also available for iOS and Android smart-phones.

Since the printer has wireless connectivity, the HP Smart app instantly picks it up and the App talks you through adding the printer to your Wi-Fi network. Simply Select “Add a printer” and allow it to install, and that’s pretty much about it.

The App also alerts you to toner levels, allows you print directly from your phone or Google Drive and if you’re a Windows users, you can utilize the desktop version of the app, which offers a bit more detail and configuration via the printer’s dedicated web portal. You can access this using the printers IP address.

Cost Savings

Compared to the HP LaserJet Pro M102’s 1600 pages out of the box, the HP Neverstop promises 5000 pages of print out of the box which is a huge cost savings feature. And when you also consider that the reload kit costs about $9 (N4,050) for the single kit and $16 (N7200) if you’re purchasing a double kit. You’d find that the cost per page comes to about $0.0032 cents (N1.44k/page) and that’s impressively affordable.

The HP Neverstop costs just N150,240 ($330) which is quite affordable for the cost savings you’ll be getting over time.

Printer Maintenance

Printer Drum

Like every printer out there, the HP Neverstop also has a drum which has a life-cycle of 20,000 pages. This means the drum needs to be replaced after 20,000 pages of print. The Drum costs $50 to be replaced.

Print Speed and Quality

In terms of printing performance, the HP Neverstop printer delivers some impressive performance, depending on what’s being printed.

If you’re printing just texts, you can do up to 20 pages per minute, although you have to wait about 10 seconds before the first page prints. You should know that this is a black and white printer so no color prints here and I believe this to be the reason it’s able to print up to 5000 pages.


Scanning Bed

While this is primarily a printer, the HP Neverstop 1200w Printer also scans and it does it in color. Scanning can be done via the HP Smart app, which is quite straightforward to navigate. It also doesn’t take much of an effort to do so. As for color reproduction in scanning, the scanning light due to its brightness may slightly alter the color temperature of what’s being scanned. However the image quality from the scan is very high.

The HP Smart app allows you to add pages to your scan, which effectively lets you “bind” all your scans into a single PDF document if you’re scanning a document with multiple pages. That’s pretty cool.


Photocopying can be done with the on-board buttons where you only need to press on the photocopy button and indicate the number of copies (up to 99 copies).

In terms of copy quality, It has a good amount of sharpness. But like most photocopiers, you can also set the black-and-white intensity.

Dedicated ID Print Button

The HP Neverstop 1200w Printer also has a dedicated button on-board that lets you immediately photocopy IDs, which copies both the front and back on a single sheet of paper. This is worth mentioning because photocopying IDs can be a real pain if you’re relying on traditional printers or photocopiers to do so, due to the requirements of the front and back to be represented on a single piece of paper.

Albeit it requires a bit of manual intervention, the printer comes with a dedicated step-by-step guide beneath the scanner glass, which instructs on how to photocopy your ID in sequence and it’s a no brainer to follow.

HP Neverstop 1200w Printer Verdict

Well, not everything is perfect and that includes the HP Neverstop 1200w Printer. The following are pros for this Printer

Pros and Cons


  1. HP Smart app – This makes setting up and installing printer a walk in the park
  2. Printing, scanning and copying is very easy to perform
  3. Good black and white laser print outs with enough clarity
  4. Reload kit is quite innovative, and makes it very easy to reload toner
  5. Wireless capabilities are faultless and can be connected through PC or Smart-phone
  6. Cost effectiveness – Reload kit is very affordable and cost per page is very low making this a compelling buy


For the cons, there are only a few:  

  1. Prints in black and white only
  2. No multi-feed capability for scanning or copying

But this is just me nit picking. I think if you’re out looking for an impressive yet efficient and affordable black and white printer, the HP Neverstop is a great option to consider.

Where to Buy

So for N150,240 ($330) is the HP Neverstop 1200w worth it? I’d say yes a million times and I’m definitely going to be getting one for myself. You can purchase the HP Neverstop 1200w from the following stores:

Office “R” Us

Click here to buy – HP Neverstop 1200w

Office R Us


Click here to buy – HP Neverstop 1200w

Buy from Westgate

If you have any questions on the HP Neverstop, leave them In the comment section and I’ll get back to as much of them as I can.

Henry O

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  1. Les

    Hi. I am only getting one intensity level of contrast even tho I have adjusted the contrast setting from the lowest to the highest. The prints come out the same, rather in faded quality and I would like a darker black on the page. Have you had same result? I can’t see difference for example when I print same page twice, first time with lowest contrast setting, second time with highest setting.

    June 19, 2021 Reply
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