GOtv Mobile App Review: My Best Features

GOtv Mobile App Review: My Best Features

August 2, 2019 1

So in 2019 there’s practically an App for everything you could possibly think of and based on the title of this video, I’ll be reviewing the GOtv mobile app, taking a look at its features and what conveniences it actually offers you. I’ll also be giving a two month free subscription on the GOtv Plus package to one lucky subscriber on my Instagram page in the next two weeks, so go follow @henreeneo on Instagram to be a part of this. For my International viewers, this really only applies to my Nigeria based subscribers. Let’s begin

GOtv self-service mobile app review

What is GOtv?

GOtv is a product of Multichoice Nigeria who also owns DSTV, a digital satellite television service that brings its customers live TV stations in bundles. The key difference between GOtv and DSTV is in the fact that the latter one uses satellites technology while GOtv uses terrestrial antennas to receive digital signals.

The GOtv App is a very welcome tool for subscribers of GOtvs’ services and I’ll be talking about its features and what you can actually do with the app. So let’s break this down into the following:

Payments, Error Resolution, Package switching and others.


First off Payments – Payment is a core part of the GOtv mobile app allows you make swift payments in really easy steps. So you can do this by:

opening the GOtv mobile App and you’d find yourself on the dashboard and you can either click on the pay button on the middle of the dashboard or the big green pay button at the bottom of the app. This takes you to the payment page where you can edit the amount you want to pay if you’d like to pay for multiple months or just leave it. By default it’s set to the amount for a months subscription. Next you need to select the package you want to pay for and then hit the green PAY NOW button. This takes you to the payment option pages where you can select from a bunch of pay option to make payment. Once your payment is successful, your subscription is instantly restored and your TV should start showing picture in a few seconds. Pretty easy.

Error Resolution

The Second feature I want to talk about on this app is Error resolution. The GOtv mobile app allows you easily fix common error codes on your decoder to restore your viewing experience and it’s really straightforward. All you have to do is note the error code showing up on your TV screen, open up the Gotv mobile app, click on fix it, select the error code that corresponds to what you have on your TV and hit the FIX IT button. Wait for a few seconds to some minutes and boom. Your error is cleared. It’s that simple.

Package or Subscription Switching

The third feature you can use on the mobile app is the package or subscription switching feature. This basically allows you switch from one bouquet or package to another. So to do this, simply click on the change icon, select your current package, click on change package and select the package you’d like to switch to, hit continue, if you’re already subscribed to a package that’s active the GOtv app will automatically calculate the balance between the cost of your current package and the package you’re upgrading or downgrading to. The difference is added to your balance when downgrading, but you get to pay the difference when upgrading and this happens when you confirm the change.

Other Features

There are other things you can do with your GOtv mobile app. You can check your IUC number, view your due date and viewing days left, you can view offers of TV shows, sport and more, you can view your payment history for the last 6 months, you can also view your personal details and make changes where necessary, you can also view GOtvs contact details and the contact channels include email, mobile, USSD and SMS. There’s also the option to just walk in to their offices if that’s your thing.

There’s also a how-to pay section that has a ton of information on the different modes of payment and how to use those payment options.

That was a quick review of the GOtv mobile app a simple but very effective and necessary tool if you’re on the GOtv bandwagon.

You can download the GOtv app from:

  1. The Google PlayStore:
  2. The Apple App Store:

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