Fix Push Notifications Issues On Xiaomi’s MIUI

Fix Push Notifications Issues On Xiaomi’s MIUI

August 6, 2018 7

Lots and lots of people have complained about Xiaomi phones not displaying push notifications. This is in fact more of a Chinese thing.

Most Chinese manufactured smartphones, suppress push notifications in order to enhance battery life. This may be a little bit inconveniencing if you want to know instantly when a message comes into your phone.

Well, here are five little steps to help you restore normalcy to push notifications on your Xiaomi device running MIUI.

Step 1

Go to settings –> manage apps’ battery usage –> choose apps. From there, pick all the apps you want to receive push notifications and select “No restrictions.”

Step 2

Go to settings –> permissions –> autostart. From there, pick the apps you want to receive notifications, and toggle the switch to turn it on.

Step 3

Go to settings –> app notifications –> pick the apps you want to receive notifications, then turn the toggle for “Priority” on.

Step 4

Lock the app in the “recent apps”/ “app overview” plane. Do so by first opening the apps, then press the “recent apps/overview button” (that’s the square button on stock Android, or the button with three horizontal lines on the Mi Mix or swipe up and hold if you’re on MIUI 10). From there, find the app you want to receive notifications, pull down on it to “lock it”, so it never gets cleared.

Step 5

This last step requires Developer Options privileges. To enable that, go to settings (man… I’m getting tired of typing “go to settings” …) –> about phone

–> tap on MIUI version tab like eight times. You should then get a little message saying “you are now a developer.” Then head back out to settings, go to developer option, scroll to nearly the bottom, find “memory optimization,” and turn it off


MIUI (Esp. MIUI 10) is a beautiful android skin and one of my favourites and this article should hopefully help you fix your notification issues and enjoy your device the more. I hope you found these steps helpful and were able to solve your notification issues on Xiaomi’s MIUI.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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7 comments on “Fix Push Notifications Issues On Xiaomi’s MIUI
  1. Kan

    Hi. thanks for sharing . Finally I got my push notifications success. By the way, may i know any other impacts to my xiaomi phone after turned off “memory optimization”?

    January 10, 2019 Reply
    • henreeneo

      There’s really no impact maybe just a little more power consumption

      May 3, 2019 Reply
  2. Alex

    There is no memory optimization option on developer options

    April 9, 2019 Reply
  3. Constance

    I have A2 and step 4 doesn’t exist on this model. Nothing happens when I pull down the app window in overview mode. Step 5 doesn’t have memory optimazation in developer options.

    April 13, 2019 Reply
  4. alex paul

    Thanks,your topic helped me a lot

    April 21, 2019 Reply
  5. Marko Rodic

    step 3 and step 5 is missing on my china dev miui 10 rom with latest update.

    June 18, 2019 Reply
  6. Rajesh

    i have mi a2 …there is no auto start, but in apps i hv granted permissions to send notifications from those apps…bt still the prob persists……no memory optimization in developer options….have turned off battery optimization also…..jst fedup

    June 20, 2019 Reply
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