June 17, 2020

How Transsion Holdings Dominated the African Mobile Phone Industry

Transsion focused on releasing phones that had the basic features people needed at a really affordable price. And this formula worked like a charm

June 15, 2020

Phone specifications tell only half the story

So recently I called a 720p screen on a 6.95 inch smart-phone ‘beautiful’ and I had a ton of people come for me saying I wasn’t a tech reviewer, that I knew nothing about phones and some even unsubscribed from the channel. Why? Because in their books, a 6.9 inch 720p screen was appalling and […]

April 28, 2020

MIUI 12 is Incredibly Beautiful

MIUI 12 takes the best of iOS and Android and merges both to give users an incredible user experience in a beautiful user interface.

July 9, 2019

5 tips to help you choose the best smartphone for you

Buying a new smartphone is exciting for everyone and one thing no one wants to fall a victim of is ending up with a wrong device choice. I mean picking a device that you end up hating. So in this article, I’ll be giving you five solid points to consider before buying your next smartphone. […]