April 22, 2022

Asus announces two OLED ZenBooks and a new logo

Asus has quietly announced two additions to its Zenbook line that are all about the screens. The new AMD-powered Zenbook 13 S joins a limited, but slowly growing lineup of 13-inch OLED laptops for folks seeking the benefits of OLED technology for a consumer-accessible price. But Asus isn’t leaving Intel behind — the company has also unveiled […]

October 18, 2021

Intel Alder Lake leak reveals 12-core laptop chip that challenges AMD

Alder Lake is Intel’s strategy for desktop and mobile going forward, but we’ve heard a lot more about the desktop chips than the laptop ones. Now, we’re starting to see more on mobile configurations, including the 12-core Intel Core i7-1270P that’s reportedly inside an upcoming Samsung Galaxy Book revision. The leak comes via BenchLeaks, who discovered […]