Best Android App of the Year 2018

Best Android App of the Year 2018

December 13, 2017 1

Ever since i downloaded this app in early 2016, I instantly fell in love with the app and have had it on all my devices since that time. I’m referring to the ‘Videoder’ app.

Videoder is referred to as a YouTube video downloading app, but it’s much more than that. This app allows me download Videos, from absolutely any platform and I mean any platform. You can comfortably download 4k videos and more and I have made a list of apps/sites that support downloads from Videoder.

Video Download

You can download form any of these sites or their respective apps using the videoder app

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Vimeo

Audio Download

You can also download audio files using Videoder. I have listed the Apps/platforms below:

  1. Soundcloud
  2. 123Movies
  3. YouTube
  4. Ted
  5. LiveLeak
  6. IMDB
  7. and lots more

Media Aggregator

Asides downloading media from all possible media sites you may know about, Videoder acts like a media aggregation app. Aggregating media content from lots of sources and categorizing them so you can find what you want easily.

Multi-Threaded Downloads

Videoder has a powerful download accelerator which lets you download 5 times faster. The multiple thread downloading increases your download speed to your network’s maximum potential. This threaded downloading feature also has download resume support.

Multiple threads are basically multiple network connections. Videoder makes multiple network connections to your internet service provider to fetch maximum speed possible.

‘So what does this mean?’ you may ask, lets say you have a movie curating app like Terrarium and want to download a movie, you could use Videoder’s smart link detection to source the link and do the downloading using multiple simultaneous network connections to accelerate the download speed. You can set the number of connections according to your network quality to gain maximum speed and if for instance your download link breaks, you have the ability to resume your downloads when you have access to the internet again.

Batch Downloading

With Videoder you can download youtube playlists with a single tap. You can select all videos or you can drag and select as many as you want and download them at once.

Make a collection of songs and videos while exploring and set them to download in just one go. This is the power of multiple downloading feature. Download hundreds of songs with just a click

Smart Link Detection

One of the best features in Videoder is the smart link detection tool. When you copy a link of any video, music or media file, Videoder detects the link and shows a popup to download, making it extremely easy for you to download your media file.

Though I do not endorse these apps, Videoder supports downloads from apps like, CinemaBoxHD, Terrarium and lots more.

Did I also tell you that you can download mp3 files on the fly from YouTube videos? Yes the app does conversion from video to audio on the fly.¬†Videoder has also got a PC app if you’d like to do all of the above on your PC. This app is one life saver and I didn’t blink when the thought of purchasing the full version came up.

Say What?!!! Ad-Free Videos?

Now here’s where it gets really interesting, you know how we all hate ads that play on YouTube just before your main video starts? Well, Videoder has a feature that allows you log in to your YouTube account and watch videos Ad-free and oh it also pull all your subscriptions and favourites so you do not need to do anything else just log in and watch ad free videos. It’s that Awesome.

In-Built Browser with Ad Blocker

In app browser makes it super easy to download videos from various sites, as it detects the video or media file and shows you a download popup. It also helps you to browse the web without interruptions

Night Mode and Theme-ing

Night mode makes it easier for you to use the app in the night. Night mode is super recommended for amoled screens. You also have lots of theme-ing options.


In Conclusion, there’s so much this app can do and i have not exhausted using the functions in this app. This is simply the best Android App of 2018 in my opinion and is an app you should get if you consume a lot of media. I made a little video of this app in may, and will be putting up a full video review of this app very soon.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, these are my personal opinion of this app and i thought to share with you my readers.

The Videoder app is available on Android and PC platforms. You won’t find it on the PlayStore but can download it from here.

Let me know what you think about this app and will you be downloading it?

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  1. E. Markson

    Absolutely amazing app… I got and downloaded a couple of items and it’s just what you it is… The Best

    January 8, 2018 Reply
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