Apple iPhone 8 September 12 Event: What to expect

Apple iPhone 8 September 12 Event: What to expect

September 8, 2017 0

Apple will be hosting the whole world and tech enthusiasts on September 12, 2017. But this event will be more than just their annual hardware reveal event, it also marks the 10th year of the iPhone which first shipped in 2007.

With this event just around the corner, there are lots of questions to be answered about the iPhone 8. How much does it cost, and how well will it perform. This event would also be about other products and services as much as it’s about the new iPhone.

Here are some thoughts on what to expect at the apple event.


Okay, with all of that said: this event is really about new iPhones.

There may be as many as three different iPhones. First and most obviously, there should be updates to both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

There is also the news that there will be an all new iPhone 8 with a completely revolutionary design (in Ive’s voice). Rumors and leaks point to an edge-to-edge OLED display, a new 3D face-scanning camera, wireless charging capabilities, and a nonexistent home button.


This year Apple may finally offer 4k content catching up with Amazon, Roku, and Chromecast. The next generation of the Apple TV, according to a Bloomberg report earlier this year, will stream videos in 4K and in more “vivid colors.”


These products have been announced but are yet to ship out. For the redesigned Mac Pro, this device won’t arrive until 2018, Apple may also not unveil it now. The iMac Pro is also slated for a December release, may also not be showcased at the Apple event. The HomePod’s planned release date is December, and Apple has, so far, marketed it more as a high-quality speaker than a digital assistant.

We may see presentations on these devices at the event but i wouldn’t bank on it.

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