An all-new Popcorn Time app will be coming in June

Disclaimer: Be aware Popcorn Time offers streaming/downloading services that may likely be illegal in your market. We do not condone such activity and be aware it might get you in legal trouble. We are here only to deliver the news. Shall anything happen, it will be your responsibility only.

Popcorn Time is one of the most popular downloading services around, regardless of whether it is legal or not. We know plenty of you like the service, but can also attest to the fact that the app is not the cleanest around. Don’t worry, the team is getting things up to speed and launching a new Android app.

What’s new? Pretty much everything. This new app is completely redesigned from the ground up and is being labeled as version 3.0. It integrates a new UI, Material Design standards, background workers, asynchronous requests, new features, performance improvements and more. There is even a new discovery section for finding content of your interest.

Interested? There is no set release date for the new app, but it should be sometime next month. Until then, you can continue using the current beta version of Popcorn Time, which can be downloaded straight from the official website.

Culled from: AndroidAuthority

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